Questions to Ask When Consulting with Your Urologist

If you are beginning to the see the symptoms of BPH you should consult a urologist to learn more about treatment options. Each BPH treatment option has different benefits and risks. We suggest using this question guide to ensure you get the answers you need to make a fully informed decision…….

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Featured on In View, Hosted By Larry King

On a recent In View hosted by Larry King segment, Dean and his wife Julie share their story of how they struggled for years with the bothersome symptoms caused by his enlarged prostate.  Find out how Dean finally found relief and a whole new life through an in-office BPH treatment called Prostiva®.

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Non-Surgical Treatment Options

The good news is that there are effective and long-lasting treatment options for BPH including procedures which can be performed comfortably right in your physician’s office in about 30 minutes…….

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Finding a Urologist

If you or your partner have noticed changes in urinary function especially around frequency, urgency, or incomplete voiding, it is time to see a urologist.   To help you find one in your area, go to Find a Urologist on the homepage of the Urologix website…..

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Healthy Living Can Impact Your Prostate Condition

For most men, certain lifestyles or lifestyle changes can help reduce the risk of BPH. A healthy diet, exercise and reducing stress may help you improve or even avoid BPH symptoms…..

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Diagnosing your Prostate Condition

Many prostate conditions have very similar lower urinary tract symptoms so it is difficult to know if it is Prostatitis, BPH or even Prostate Cancer.  Our Prostate Conditions section can help educate you on each of these diseases, but the most important step is to see your physician for a full prostate assessment……

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Low Impact, High Benefit Exercises

Exercise is an important part of our lives, no matter in which stage of life we find ourselves. Yet no matter how fitness conscious we may have been over the course of our lives, the simple truth is that our … Continue reading

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Effective Treatment Starts In the Brain

Hopefully you have a primary physician and a team of medical professionals that you trust and can rely on for first-class care. If you do, congratulations, you’re one step closer to maintaining excellent health. However, most of us who have … Continue reading

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Low T? How Changing Your Lifestyle Can Help

Testosterone is an important sex hormone in men that plays a role in the entire body. This hormone helps regulate, amongst other things, muscle mass, bone mass, sexual function and even the production of red blood cells. Low T, or … Continue reading

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Tips for Working After You Retire

Retirement used to be something to look forward to, those worry-free days living on a lake, fishing, working on a classic car. However, these days, many men approaching retirement age are worried about how to stay afloat financially after they … Continue reading

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